No matter what type of administration we conduct for our clients and whether it is residential, commercial or mixed use objects, the claim is always the same: In addition to a professional administration, we have the value and the increase in value of real estate and the securing of rental income in Focus. The main focus of the administration is on the joint ownership of condominium associations (WEG).

Our services

  • Management of community property
  • Organizing and conducting owner meetings
  • Implementation of the owners’ decisions
  • Active and continuous exchange of information with the Advisory Council
  • Transparent, central and timely billing system
  • Fiduciary administration of house money and maintenance reserves
  • Audit and monitoring of cash flows
  • Monthly dunning
  • Creating business plans
  • 24-hour hotline maintenance planning
  • Regularly documented object inspections
  • Active quality management
  • Implementation of the house rules

New times-new communication possibilities. We are adapted, because only in this way can we be sure to meet the ever-growing demands of the market and to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way. The strengths of our team are communication and conflict management. We are not just stewards, we live like everyone else in a communication society. Therefore, an annual owner meeting is not sufficient for communication. A personal contact is always available and via a password-protected online access the latest information and many necessary and important documents, bills and forms such. B. Resolutions, protocols, administrator contract, declaration of division, energy certificate, insurance confirmation, NK settlements available at any time.

Your advantages

  • All-round support of your property
  • Framework contracts with insurance companies, craftsmen, maintenance and supply companies and banks
  • Settlement of payments via own accounts of the condominium community
  • Own accounting systems
  • Teamwork